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We'll provide payroll for your small business

Wholesale Payroll

We have fantastic rates on payroll providers, meaning we can help you choose the right solution & save.

Payroll Run For You

We can help your team focus on what it does best by running your payroll and supporting the business.

S-Corp Payroll

We can help owners of S-Corps use their payroll system to pay in taxes & obey the S-corp rules.

Setup Contractors & W-2

We can make setting up new contractors & employees as easy as "call my accountant!"

Payroll for Small Business

Sentinel Accounting provides payroll services and even wholesale pricing for payroll to small business customers.

We can't emphasize enough that if you are thinking of setting up your own payroll and just running it periodically, it really helps to make sure that you've aligned with an accountant like ourselves in order to identify the best game plan for withholding and paying in your own salary or tax payments.

Our CFO offerings pair well with our payroll management.

Do you need help figuring out what your money might do in the future?

Think of Sentinel as your financial buddy, always by your side, helping you guide your business to a stable and growing future and enabling you to take that vacation you've needed.

Payroll for business owners is about more than just paying your employees, it's the tool you use to pay in your own taxes, file and pay your self employment tax returns and hopefully make your life much easier.

We will help you identify the best payroll solution, get you great pricing, show you how to use it and then utilize it for the business owner tax plan.

The goal is to create a system that's simple & empowering for your organization, helping you be more efficient.

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When you choose Sentinel Accounting, we'll take care of every aspect of accounting, bookkeeping, & CFO services.

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Sentinel Accounting provides payroll services for small business

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