Tax Planning

Get aggressive, pro-active tax reduction guidance

LLC vs. S-Corp

We work to make sure you select the correct business entity, and maximize its tax savings potential.

Real Estate for Tax Purposes

We'll provide short term and long term strategies to utilize various asset classes like real estate, to shift taxes.

Benefits & Retirement Plans

Fringe Benefits & Retirement plans are fantastic ways to reduce your taxes. We'll show you what's best and guide you to make the best choice.

Hiring Family & Purchases

There are best practices when it comes to hiring your family, children, spouses and more - along with purchases.

Don't Wait Until Year End

Your business can save thousands with year-round, pro-active tax reduction planning.

When you choose to work with Sentinel Tax & Accounting, we make sure to engage throughout the year to bring ideas to you about how to save in various types of taxes.

Tax Planning Often Includes:
  • Entity type selection
  • Salary planning
  • Retirement plan maximization
  • S-Corp vs. LLC
  • Income shifting
  • Hiring family members & kids
  • Timing on purchases
  • Government programs & loopholes
  • Health care & fringe benefits
  • Utilizing real estate & depreciation
We work throughout the year to mitigate taxes in a proactive manner.

If you are not engaged with a tax planning focused accountant throughout the year, chances are you are over paying in taxes.

The typical CPA or accounting firm builds their business in such a manner that it is trying to get as many customers as possible so that they can hit their revenue numbers.

Fewer Customers with More Analysis & Service

Rather than build hundreds of clients, we focus on a smaller book of business.

Small businesses need someone engaged with their books all year in order to implement tax reduction plans throughout the year.

If you wait until the end of the year to talk with an accountant, you're missing out.

If you're looking for an accounting firm that will help you reduce taxes and make sure you're never wasting time doing your own accounting, then give us a call!

Tax Reduction Planning

Here at Sentinel Tax & Accounting, we believe that business owners deserve to keep as much of their profits as possible and our tax planning services key into that mission. The foundation of good tax planning is founded in being proactive throughout the year, establishing fantastic bookkeeping and having goal based check-in's throughout the year to ensure your maximizing every tax reduction strategy possible within your operation.

LLC vs. S-Corporation

One of the critical tax planning pieces is establishing the proper business entity and helping to maximize that entity to its potential while simultaneously protecting yourself from IRS problems. One of the major things that we end up doing with our small business clients is helping them choose the right business entity, such as considering an LLC versus an S Corp., and then helping them implement and manage that properly.

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When you choose Sentinel Tax & Accounting, we'll take care of every aspect of tax returns, wealth planning, bookkeeping, tax reduction planning & accounting.

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Tax Planning

Get aggressive, pro-active tax reduction guidance

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